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Sailboat steering wheel – 5 spoke slim (Carbon fiber)


Carbonautica’s ultra light monocoque Y-spoke carbon sailboat steering wheels are unique in design, strength and quality.

– Delivery time for Carbon steering wheels is 4 – 5 weeks from order !

Tax is not included in the price.


Note: slim sailboat steering wheels have 30mm hub width. 20mm less than standard wheel, which have 50mm wide hubs !


Standard Aluminum hubs:

Custom Aluminium hubs:

  • Edson 1″ Cone ( 25mm spindle )
  • Edson 1″ cylinder ( 25 mm spindle )
  • Lewmar Cone ( 25mm spindle )
  • Jefa cone ( 30mm spindle )
  • Jefa Cone ( 25mm spindle )
  • JP3 hubs
  • Goiot Cone ( 25mm spindle )
  • Solimar hubs
Please contact us, before ordering sailboat steering wheels with a custom hub!

State of the art monocoque design and functionality

Carbonautica sailboat steering wheels are built in one piece combining strength and weight minimization with the finest materials available. They have no weak joints nor secondary bondings. All Carbonautica wheels are fully compliant with EU Recreational Craft Directives and are certified to ISO 8847 (Certificates available on request). Carbonautica sailboat wheels are supplied with many hub options:

Carbon Y-spoke E600 (23˝)1200g (2,6lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke S700 (27˝)1400g (3.5lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke S800 (31˝)1500g (3.5lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S/3s/5s900 (35˝)1650g (3.5lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S/5s1000 (39˝)1760g (3.8lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S/5s1100 (43˝)1870g (4.0lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S1200 (47˝)1980g (4.3lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E1300 (51˝)2200g (4.7lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S1400 (55˝)2520g (5.4lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S1500 (59˝)2870g (6.2lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke E/S1600 (63˝)3290g (7.0lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke S1700 (67˝)3800g (8.2lbs)
Carbon Y-spoke S1800 (71˝)4600g (9.9lbs)

All the weights are without Hub.
Max variation of the weight +/-5%.
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sailboat wheel 5 spoke slim Carbon fiber
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