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Glass Fiber Steering Wheels

Discover our collection of glass fiber steering wheels within our sailboat wheels range. Each glass fiber wheel embodies a fusion of elegance, performance, and cutting-edge durability. Our glass steering wheels are masterfully crafted from the highest quality glass fiber, using our new mould injection process.

The unique aspect is that the sailboat steering wheels made of glass fibre have a similar overall weight to carbon wheels, yet they are available at a third of the price.

Notably, all steering wheels are proudly manufactured in Europe, adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Designed for universal compatibility, these wheels fit seamlessly on all types of sailboats.

Compatibility and Customization

Wide Range of Sizes: We offer steering wheels in a variety of sizes to suit every need, from 600mm (23″) to  1700mm (67˝).

Universal Fit: Our steering wheels are designed to be compatible with all sailboats, ensuring a perfect fit for your vessel.

Standard Aluminum Hubs: We offer a variety of standard hubs including:

  • Edson 1″ Cone (25mm spindle),
  • Lewmar Cone (25mm spindle),
  • Jefa Cone (25mm spindle),
  • Goiot Cone (25mm spindle).

Custom Aluminum Hubs: For specific needs, we also provide custom hub options such as:

  • Edson 1″ cylinder (25mm spindle),
  • Jefa cone (30mm spindle),
  • JP3 hubs,
  • Solimar hubs.

* Expert Assistance: If you are unsure about which hub to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us at to ensure optimal compatibility.

Our team is ready to help you select the perfect hub for your steering wheel.

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